Gift Guide

 Let your loved ones know how much you think about them by adding some sparkling flavour to the sweet feelings of love in the air with Vanissa Gavanni E-Gift card. Hand over to that special being the freedom to choose from varieties of our adorable jewellery accessories.

Make the experience a wao shopping one as they explore the super and beautiful jewelry collections from engraved lockets, pendants, necklaces, anklets and bracelets; this is a sure win when you let them choose with our Virtual e-Gift Card.
The benefit of gift voucher, When you love to Shop for someone else but not sure what to give them, you can't be wrong taking the wise decision by giving them the gift of choice with VG gift card.
Gift card at Vanissa Gavanni jewellery and fashion accessories
We delivered Gift cards by email only because we are playing our part in contributing to climate change so that yours and our future generations can have a better and healthier planet to live in. 
The email will contains instructions on how to redeem them. There is no additional cost to our gift cards. Don't waste time thinking of what they might want, save yourself that headache and send them a gift card now.